Work Package 05: Transcriptomic Analysis

  • Work Package Lead
    David Arteta
    Progenika Biopharma
  • Partners Involved
    University of Magdeburg
    University of Tartu
  • Description
    The main goal will be to elucidate the underlying molecular mechanisms that drive adverse immune reaction (AIR) to implant material. This will help both to understand the complexity of the genetic network and to evaluate the possibility of predicting adverse reactions to some orthopaedic implant material. To reach this goal, genetic signatures will be obtained from different experimental setups related to AIR.

    Our work will be divided in three main areas:

    Transcription profiling of genetic material extracted from patient samples and different cultured cells of patients and control cell lines from Work Package 02.

    Transcriptomic analysis of genetic material extracted from revision surgery samples. The list of validated genes will define an AIR genetic signature and will be collected in the central database (WP01). This list will then be used in Work Package 06, where the University of Magdeburg will model a probable regulatory network of an AIR and obtained data will be used by Work Package 07 for functional evaluation for the genetic variants.

    Real-Time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) and analysis of final AIR regulatory network on cell cultures treated with prototype implant material from Work Package 08.

    All data will be transferred into the central database.

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