Work Package 01: Patient Pools, Clinical Expertise & Data Management

  • Work Package Lead
    Aare Märtson
    University of Tartu
  • Partners Involved
    University of Magdeburg
    Danish Technological Institute
    Progenika Biopharma
  • Description

    The objective of Work Package 01 is the construction of a central patient database HypOrth. We will use different patient pools and will analyse blood and tissue samples (capsular and periprosthetic tissues). All data of our scientific investigations will be collected in a central HypOrth database. The aims are:


    a) a systematic archiving of clinical and experimental data enable ready availability across the project
    b) the integration of clinical data and different experimental findings for interconnected evaluation, and
    c) to ensure the access of all participants of the consortiums to the interactive network.


    Work Package 01 will assure the effective management of patient material, clinical data and scientific findings.

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