Work Package 06: Mathematical Modelling of Regulatory Network of Adverse Immune Reaction

  • Work Package Lead
    Friedemann Awiszus
    University of Magdeburg
  • Partners Involved
    Progenika Biopharma
  • Description
    In this Work Package a computational model is developed that allows to predict the risk for an adverse immune reaction (AIR) based on genetic, immunological, and biomechanical patient and material data.

    In order to arrive at a predictive Computational Model of AIR the following steps will be taken:

    Identification of the relevant genes and cytokines from the patient data obtained in Work Package 02, Work Package P04, Work Package 05, and Work Package 07 to arrive at a reasonable input vector HOPV (HypOrth Patient data Vector) for the model.

    Construction of a set of stochastic and structural equations to describe a model for the occurrence of an AIR based on the HOPV.

    Extension of the set of equations by incorporation of biomechanical data.

    Incorporation of new material data obtained in Work Package 10.

    Implementation of two versions of the complete model. In the first version the complete patient information (pre-operative and intraoperative, cHOPV) is used. In the second version only the pre-operative data (pHOPV) is used:
HypOrth Mathematical Modelling Step 1
HypOrth Mathematical Modelling Step 2

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