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Project Team

Hanna Wiśniewska-Weinert Adrian Mróz

Dr. Hanna Wiśniewska-Weinert

Director/Project Management

Dr. Adrian Mróz



Jacek Borowski

Dr. Jacek Borowski

Deputy Director for Research

Institute presentation

Metal Forming Institute (INOP) is an innovative, multi-disciplined, industrially oriented research and development centre holding over 30 patents. In Poland, the contribution comprises over 1000 implementations of novel technologies. It also serves as an educational centre by disseminating research results to industry. INOP successfully participated in several European Projects: 5FP – INETFORSMEP; INT-PULSFORM; TRIBO; EUREKA – ROTOR, GEFEST, METALTEST, REC-OXIDE, FGM-Mag, NEGFORT; 6FP - NANOBLEBUS, BEARINGS, MANUDIRECT; FP7 – NANOMINING in which INOP was a Coordinator and responsible for the development of new generation of implant antibacterial coating modified with Ag nanoparticles. In recent years, the Institute participants in the implementation of the following national projects related to research on implants and related materials: “Endoprosthesis of the intervertebral spinal disc – design, investigation, technology of manufacturing and preparation for clinical applications (2011-2013)” (2010-2013); “Investigation of the friction and wear parameters with various relative positioning of endoprosthesis elements” (2009-2013); “Examination and assessment of the functionality of vertebral column implants in the material and tribological aspect” (2009-2012); “Characteristic changes of mechanical and structural biomaterials in the course of wear hip endoprosthesis, 2013-2016”.


INOP is well equipped with analytic equipment: XRD: Modern X-ray diffraction system; Electron microprobe analysis: EDS Philips system; SEM: resolution 4nm; SPM: Scanning probe microscope; 2 INSTRON machines with hot compression, micro-compression, micro-bending fixtures; 3 advanced friction testers: ring-on-block,    ring-on-ring and ring-on-shaft; 3 original simulators for research of friction and wear on real implants: hip-joint endoprosthesis; knee-joint endoprosthesis; intervertebral spinal discs.


The key persons are: Prof. Mikhail Ignatev: Consulting Professor, 27 years in material science and coating technologies (including antibacterial HAP coatings), 15 years of experience in organization and scientific coordination of European Projects, 139 publications and 3 patents. Dr. Hanna Wiśniewska-Weinert: Director of the Institute. She is a member of the Polish Tribological Society, and since 2011, a member of the Polish Materials Science Society. 25 years of experience in materials treatment technologies and 12 years of experience in driving of International and National Projects, 102 publications and 3 patents. Dr. Jacek Borowski: Deputy Director for Research of INOP. He has great experience in driving of International and National Projects: EUREKA, INTAS, FP6, FP7 etc., in which he acted as a Coordinator or a Major Contractor. He is the author of more than 40 publications and a co-author of the 3 patents application, as well as a senior lecturer at the Poznań University of Technology since 2002 in the scope of metal science.


Dr. Adrian Mróz. is an researcher who is responsible for friction and wear (tribological) tests in Metal Forming Institute. He has extensive knowledge on research regarding biomaterial engineering especially on the field of osteoarticular system endoprostheses. He is an author of five scientific publications and a co-author of the patent application (No.: P.397825 – “The lumbar intervertebral disc endoprosthesis”). Since 2012 he is a member of The Polish Society of Biomechanics.

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