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HypOrth Poster Reception, Bilbao 2016


Also in this year´s General Assembly Meeting in Bilbao the opportunity was taken to hold a public poster reception again.


After a welcome address by the coordinator of the HypOrth project, Prof. Christoph Lohmann, there were greeting speeches by


    • Marie Aguirre, Director for Health Research and Innovation, Health Department, Basque Government
    • Sergio Murillo Corzo, General Director for Promotion of Personal Autonomy, Department for Social Action, Provincial Council of Biscay
    Poster Session
    Poster Session
    Award winners for the best poster and the best presentation of the General Assembly Meeting

    HypOrth Poster Reception, Budapest 2015


    The HypOrth consortium presented its research at a public poster reception during their General Assembly Meeting in Budapest in September 2015. Opening addresses were held by

    • Prof. Christoph Lohmann, HypOrth coordinator, University of Magdeburg
    • Dr. Katalin Balázsi, HypOrth project partner, Centre for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
    • Prof. Laszlo Szarka, Head of Dept. Research Institutes, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
    • Dr. Horváth Ákos, General director, Centre for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
    • Dr. Béla Pécz, Head of Thin Film Physics Department, Centre for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
    HypOrth Poster Reception, Budapest, September 2015 (photo: Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
    Poster Reception

    Visit of the Minister-President of Saxony-Anhalt, Dr. Haseloff,  in the research lab of the University of Magdeburg on April 30, 2014

    Vistit of the Minister-President
    Visit Minister-President

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